Architectural Design: Charalampos Triantos
Surface: 170 ㎡ indoors
Location: Greece
Status:  Design phase
Photography: 3D Render

Leisure Residence with Homeostasis Function next_gen_active_bioclimatic_shell. We call this type of building shell BioFACADE.

We see architecture as a living organism. And that’s why the shell of a building must be “alive”. It must be respirating and being adaptive to external feeds of information. And here comes parametric design, where algorithms controls the external feed back and adapts the shell of the building. Our purpose was to design an eco-friendly building with Homeostasis Function like a living organism. BioFACADE eco friendly composite materials(Perlite composite mix material) dont pollute at their after life disposal and have close to zero carbon footprint at their production.

Architecture-living organism/next_gen_active bioclimaticshell/smart building/lightweight composite material/hybrid 3D print/HOMEOSTASIS-biobuilding/breathing building-respirating architecture shell/sustainable architecture/ environment friendly/interactive architecture/zero carbon footprint.