From 2019 ARCHOFF changes its name to TRIANTOS Architecture  


TRIANTOS Architecture intends to provide high-quality architectural services incorporating digital technology and digital fabrication into architectural design. The goal is to design, fabricate and install architectural interactive systems and spaces, creating smart, re-adaptable bio-climatic buildings and architectural elements. The new trend in architectural design is the integration of smart materials and programmed interactive systems that read the user’s needs and adapt accordingly. The integration into the designing process of digital fabrication methods and tools offers solutions that are not possible with conventional design and manufacturing methods. The Experience in the field of architectural interactive systems through distinguished research and academic activity (NTUA Architecture degree and postgraduate studies, construction of distinguished European award-winning interactive systems), as well as collaborations with research teams in Greece and abroad, gives TRIANTOS Architecture office  the regular advantage of being at the cutting edge of developments.

Charalampos TriantosArchitect engineer, Msc in Design Space Culture, Phd  NTUA (current)

Lead Architect, HUMERUS + Bio FACADE R&D

Charalampos Triantos is a registered architect engineer graduated from National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), also holding a MSc in “Design-Space-Culture” from the same University (NTUA). Currently, he is a scholarship awarded PhD candidate in the NTUA, School of Architecture, researching on the potential use of open source platforms and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hardware in architectural design and digital fabrication. He is an expert in the implementation of Do It Yourself hardware into the architectural design and construction. Charalampos is the founder of TRIANTOS Architecture office  and responsible for HUMERUS + Bio FACADE R&D , as he is demonstrating prominent skills in mechanical thinking and problem solving. From 2014 he has been employed as a teaching assistant at the NTUA School of Architecture, exploring the fields of architectural interactive systems in mass-customization and digital fabrication. He has participated in international and domestic conferences, presenting TRIANTOS Architecture office  main principle  on the theory of  hacking , opening up and sharing the scientific knowledge. Having both professional and research background in the domain of digital fabrication, robotics and smart materials, Charalampos acknowledges that architecture is a living organism and the Architecture Interactive Systems are the way to communicate with it. Additionally, he practices architecture in Greece, participates in architectural competitions, works as a tutor and consultant for 3D design and animation and has organized interactive workshops.